Road Department

Pleasant Township
3005 Lancaster-Thornville Rd NE
Lancaster, OH  43130-8448

Pleasant Township Road Department

Road Crew Rick Boyer and Jason Boyer, Superintendent

The Road Department is responsible for maintaining approximately sixty (60) miles of roads. The department maintains road culverts, keep ditches free-flowing, mow and trim vegetation that interfere with traffic and keep roads clear of snow in the winter. Additional duties include building maintenance and associated work.

Roads that are not maintained by Pleasant Township

Fairfield County Roads

  1. Tschopp Road
  2. Coonpath Road
  3. Pleasantville Road
  4. Rainbow Drive (State Route#188 – State Route #37)
  5. Sheridan Drive
  6. Richland Road
  7. Lake Road
  8. Wheeling Road (Lancaster Corporation – Lake Road)

State of Ohio Roads

  1. State Route 37 (Lancaster-Newark Road)
  2. State Route 188 (Lancaster-Thornville Road)
  3. State Route 22 (Lancaster-Zanesville Road)